Weddle Landscape Design is shaping the interior planting design for one of the biggest display glasshouses in the world

Visualisation for Weddle's interior planting designs
Visualisation for Weddle's interior planting designs

The Sheffield-based practice’s work will feature in The Plant Pavilion at the 2014 International Horticultural Exhibition in Qingdao. The Pavilion will be the first low energy glasshouse in China.

Renowned designers of the Sheffield Winter Garden, which attracts more than two million visitors each year, Weddle is working on the project with one of China’s largest architectural practices. Five times bigger than the Sheffield project, the Qingdao Plant Pavilion should receive 10 million guests during the Expo.

Inspired by plant conservation from areas in the world threatened by city expansion, Weddle will showcase 3000 different species, including bamboo, cactus, palms and tree ferns. The aim is to establish a naturally ventilated environment where temperatures can fluctuate between six and 30 degrees centigrade. There will also be an Ocean Tank for marine displays and a Cultural Bamboo House.

Principal of Weddle Mike Browell said: “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a world class glasshouse display. There will be something to excite everyone.”

In the past four years, Weddles have worked on a number of projects in China, including riverside parks, farms and an international airport. The consultancy is currently working on several large-scale residential developments in the country.

“There are more than one million new millionaires in China and they can afford the best in the world,” said Browell. “An elegant European garden is what many of them aspire to.”


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