Landscape architects urged to submit work to environmental records centres

Share your data!

Landscape architects and others working on designs for new landscapes are being encouraged to send their environmental data to Local Environmental Records Centres (LERCs) to enable data sharing.

A number of Build UK members together with the Association of Local Environmental Records Centres (ALERC), Greenspace Information for Greater London (GIGL) and the Ecology Consultancy have identified an easy way of sharing data whereby landscape architects can email AutoCad or Geographic Information Systems (GIS) files directly to LERCs, where they will be held on record for public use.

‘Information on habitats including new trees, planting areas, SuDS and green roofs is valuable information to  landscape planners, researchers and ecologists,’ said ecologist Rosie Whicheloe of The Ecology Consultancy. ‘If this data was made publicly available it could provide useful information for monitoring the success of habitat enhancements and management practices.’

Currently, ecological data has to be extracted from species-specific reports, which can be time consuming. A number of Build UK members have also looked at revising their Ecological Scope of Works to promote better data sharing.

Landscape architects need to be aware of data confidentially and obtain consent initially. But in most cases, landscape information is eventually made public via planning portals, so passing data on to LERCs should not pose a significant problem.

To share your data, contact the record centre local to your development site, which you can find on the ALERC website, or talk to your consultant ecologist.


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