New future imagined with blockchain technology

The Terra0 self-generating forest exhibit at the exhibition

A forest that can run itself as a viable and expanding business is one of the main exhibits in an exhibition running at The Furtherfield Gallery in Finsbury Park, London, until 25 June.

Called ‘New World Order’, the exhibition is centred around blockchain technology, the technology that underlies digital currencies and could, potentially, make possible new approaches to global governance and economy.

In the exhibition, a number of artists envision future world-making by machines, markets and natural processes, free from interference by states and other human institutions.

Among the pieces is Terra0, an artwork and prototype for a self-owning, self-exploiting forest by Paul Seidler, Paul Kolling and Max Hampshire. Initiated by humans, over time the
forest sells its raw materials, accumulates capital, buys itself and expands to new territories.

Learn more about the New World Order exhibition.


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