Scottish Natural Heritage unveil a charter urging people to commit to preserving the health of Scotland’s landscapes

Scottish village
Scottish Landscape Charter launched

On Friday 8 October, at Holyrood Park Education Centre, it was announced that Scotland’s Baxter Park Project in Dundee – a project with all the hallmarks of fostering a strong sense of identity and contributing to the quality of life in its area ­– was to be shortlisted for the UK Landscape Awards. At the same time, Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) took the opportunity to launch Scotland’s Landscape Charter.

Developed by SNH, the Charter invites communities, land managers, developers, local authorities, public bodies and non-governmental organisations to support its vision to ensure Scotland’s landscapes are passed on to future generations in the best possible health.

Andrew Thin, Chairman, Scottish Natural Heritage, said: “Scotland’s landscapes are of a richness, diversity and distinctiveness that make them unparalleled in Europe. They underpin our tourist industry and they are one of the things that enable us to retain and attract a skilled workforce. They influence customer perceptions of many of our products and services, and they provide inspiration for much of our music, art and literature. There is good reason to value and enjoy them, but we do not always make as much of these assets as we could.”

How landscapes change in response to both natural forces and the needs of society, is critical believes the SNH, and that change should not just be accepted, but actively guided to ensure the Scottish landscape can continue to enrich people’s lives and benefit Scotland. The aim of the Charter is to retain and reinforce the regional distinctiveness of Scotland and to use it to boost communities’ sense of identity and self-confidence.

Information on how to sign, and examples of action that can be taken, can be found at Scottish Natural Heritage


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