CABE Space is inviting candidates with an interest in the design of public spaces but no formal training to apply for its annual design skills scholarship.

Scholarship applicants wanted

The programme offers up to six people the opportunity to learn more about the effect of well-designed public spaces on the local community. Successful candidates will travel around the UK and abroad in order to see at first hand examples of best practice design in public streets, highways, parks, green spaces and residential neighbourhoods. Discussion will focus on how these spaces are designed and managed, as well as how they help shape a cohesive identity for the community.

By inviting anyone from highway engineers and park workers to regeneration professionals and planning officers to apply for the programme, CABE Space hopes to enhance design awareness among professions responsible for creating and managing urban space.

Applicants are expected to suggest their own itinerary for the study programme but will be able to develop it with the support of a CABE Space mentor. Successful applicants will receive a grant to cover travel and living expenses for a six-week period. 

Sarah Gaventa, director of CABE Space, commented: “I’d like to encourage anyone who works in improving and managing the public realm but has no formal design training to make the most of this invaluable study opportunity and learn from best practice examples – both here in the UK and abroad.”

Applications must be made online by 13 November 2009.


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