Primrose Hill apartment gardens take cues from Regency-era locale

Scape designs landscape for exclusive London housing

Scape Design Associates has completed the landscape for a new residential development abutting London's Primrose Hill and overlooking Regent's Park.

External areas are a mix of public courtyards and more secluded private spaces that conform to what Scape calls a 'naturalistic' and 'gardenesque' planting scheme. In keeping with the Regency buildings of the area, and the corresponding proportions of architect Squire and Partners’ building design, the landscape follows the formal and classical structure that radiates from an axial focus, a common feature in Regency and Late Georgian gardens. 

Sheltered spaces between the buildings form peaceful, linear courtyards with water features, decorative stone walls, and silver birch groves at either end. Ground-floor apartments are screened by multi-stemmed trees to prevent overlooking from other apartments.

For the entrance facade, exotic planting such as African lilies, Japanese anemones, Siberian bugloss , red hot pokers and potted Japanese maple trees use colour, shape and fragrance for immediate impact.

Where the periphery of the site slopes towards Regent's Park, native ground cover, evergreen perennials and annuals increase biodiversity, providing food and shelter for insects and small animals. Robust shurbs and hedges give the site a green edge and create a foraging corridor for birds and bats. Native trees have also been incorporated.

The scheme is built to Target Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 and includes green roofs planted with acid grassland, providing habitat for native birds and insects and integrating the biosphere of the site with that of the nearby parks. 17% of electricity is generated by renewable sources such as rooftop photovoltaic cells and a ground-source heat pump. A rainwater harvesting system collects water to irrigate the gardens.


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