A former limestone and clay quarry in Rugby has been turned into a nature reserve, complete with three islands.

The restored quarry in Rugby
The restored quarry in Rugby should offer amenity and biodiversity

A team led by landscape architects, geotechnical and environmental experts from Arup has worked with the former quarry operator CEMEX, the local authority and the Environment Agency to retore the former limestone and clay quarry site at Parkfield Road in Rugby.

The design is intended to enhance the site’s biodiversity, geodiversity and accessibility, providing an enhanced experience for the local community who live around the quarry.

The project will flood the former quarry to create a lake with three floating islands at the heart of Rugby town centre. These man-made islands should encourage birds, amphibians and small mammals such as water voles to make their homes there.

The steep faces of the quarry will offer a home to species including peregrine falcons and kestrels and it is hoped that the reserve will provide a viable habitat for the British white-clawed crayfish – a species that is under threat from the invasive American signal crayfish.

Restoration involved removal of 263,000 tonnes of material which was transported to Southam Quarry, just over 10 miles away. A long-term management plan will ensure that the quarry will retain its biodiversity and community value into the future.


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