Land Use Consultants (LUC) has won a RIBA 2009 award for its work on the New Girls’ Boarding House at Stowe School.

LUC's landscape design for Stowe with the New Girls' Boarding House in the background

Using its experience in historical landscapes, the company provided research and guidance for the development of the area around the Boarding House, which was designed by Rick Mather Architects.

LUC’s work on the Boarding House included advising on the setting and orientation of the building and preparing detailed design drawings. Stowe is a Grade I-listed designed landscape, so part of the challenge was to ensure that the building and its surroundings did not conflict with the historical layout. To do this, LUC studied and analysed historical maps, and, in the process, discovered a lost avenue. The new building has now been aligned parallel to this avenue.

Dominic Cole, the LUC consultant project-managing the Boarding House work, said: “This project was a tremendous opportunity to recapture the line of a lost avenue in a remarkable historic landscape.

” The school itself sits within Stowe Landscape Gardens – regarded as one of the best examples of 18th century landscape style in the world. Stowe was acquired by the National Trust in 1990, and LUC has also worked on other areas of the site as it undergoes restoration, including a design for the Deer Park. The sensitive handling of the historic landscape has helped to achieve planning permission and obtain consent for the projects from English Heritage.


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