Dryland’s Design competition sets challenge to rethink water use in the face of climate change in the American West.

Retrofit for the future

The California Architectural Foundation William Turnball Competition by Drylands Design is now open for submissions.

The open ideas competition, sponsored by the California Architectural Foundation in partnership with Arid Lands Institute and AIACC Academy for Emerging Professionals, is challenging landscape architects, architects, urban designers and planners to retrofit the American West, by creating long-term solutions for tackling water use in the arid and semi-arid western US states.

Design submissions should be multi-disciplinary and look to examine all aspects of water use in the face of climate change. These include looking at issues such as scarcity and variability, viable green infrastructure systems and creating water-use programmes that benefit everyone and creating innovative policies that are relevant at a local and regional level, and able to be replicated throughout the world.

Find out more at www.drylandscompetition.org and register by November 15 2011.


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