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Registration now open for Landscape Wilderness and The Wild
Registration now open for Landscape Wilderness and The Wild

Registration is now open for the cross-disciplinary international conference ‘Landscape, Wilderness and the Wild’, which takes place at Newcastle University School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape on 26-29 March 2015.

The event aims to bring together scholarly communities for knowledge exchange and debate, and ‘to consider the discourses that swirl around concepts of wilderness, wildness, wildscape, re-wilding, wilding and the wild’. It will ‘seek to explore the place of these notions in the contemporary imagination, while giving an account of their continuing agency for academics, professionals and all those engaged in landscape issues’.

The organisers look forward to welcoming participants from around the world, ‘including academics, journalists, artists, writers, creative practitioners, activists and landscape practitioners across disciplines such as conservation management, environmental philosophy, countryside planning, landscape architecture, cultural geography, literature, fine arts, and other subject areas in the arts, humanities and sciences’.

Confirmed keynote speakers include Dr Anna Jorgensen, managing editor of Landscape Research and co-editor of Urban Wildscapes, and Professor Bill Adams, holder of the Moran Chair in Conservation and Development at Cambridge University.

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