London’s unused spaces and derelict buildings could soon become the site of artistic inspiration and community regeneration.

Rediscovering forgotten spaces

In conjunction with Design for London and investor Qatari Diar, RIBA London has launched the competition ‘Forgotten Spaces’ in an attempt to locate and enhance the city’s hidden gems.
The architects, artists, engineers and landscape designers of Greater London are asked to nominate locations and propose concepts for these forgotten spaces, encouraging personal responses rather than large scale master plans. Ranging from a grass verge to an unused car park, from a piece of art to a new building, the competition has no limitations in term of form or location but the space must serve a function for the local community.
RIBA London’s competition is open to all student and professional designers in London and in the spirit of community cohesion they welcome collaborative teams. They ask that submissions consist of two A1 boards that illustrate and describe the proposal. The best entries will be exhibited at The National Theatre on London’s Southbank between May and July this year, with winners being awarding cash prizes of up to £5,000. The deadline for submitting interest in the competition is 12 February while the deadline for submitting a competition entry is 11 March 2010.
‘Forgotten Spaces’ aims to provoke discussion about the importance of regeneration whilst also emphasising the potential of London’s undiscovered spaces in improving local communities.
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