A five-lecture series culminates on Wednesday 16 November with a panel discussion on ‘Realising the green city’

Tree house: green cities are the future
Tree house: green cities are the future

The debate, which takes place at The Garden Museum in Lambeth, south London, will look at how current thinking on green infrastructure is influencing landscape, and how we can create the idea of the green city.

The panel will be made up of Kim Wilkie, CMLI, of Kim Wilkie Associaties; Chris Young, editor of The Garden; and Anne Coombs, FLI, landscape architect.

The audience will also be asked for their opinions on how we can realise the green city, and what demands we should be making of government in order to achieve this. If you’d like to ask the panel a question, please use the comment facility below this article.

The lectures are supported by English Heritage and Landscape Forms, and will be held at the Garden Museum on Lambeth Palace Road, London. Tickets for the lectures are now available here. But be quick – the previous lectures have all sold out!


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