An urban designer and researcher at the University of Edinburgh is inviting built environment professionals to share their experiences about the challenges they face in delivering better public spaces

Illustration: Jenny Elliot CMLI

Jenny Elliott CMLI, an experienced urban designer, is currently conducting PhD research at the University of Edinburgh about the practical challenges built environment professionals experience in delivering greener, more walkable, more welcoming public spaces in practice, and what might help address these challenges.

The first phase of the research took place last year. Initial survey findings are available at

To explore the findings in more depth, Jenny is currently looking to conduct anonymous interviews with 50+ UK-based built environment professionals involved in the design, planning, delivery, or management of public spaces.

These interviews will feed into research findings and recommendations that will be released next year. Research findings will be shared back with participants, research partner Connected Places Catapult, wider industry bodies, and policy makers, with the aim of ultimately improving place outcomes for urban public spaces.

If you can spare 30-45 minutes over the next couple of weeks for a short online discussion and wold like to contribute to the research, please contact Jenny at


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