The city of Geneva is looking for international landscape architecture and urban design firms to design a new public space for CERN, the home of the Large Hadron Collider

Public spaces design competition for Large Hadron Collider

The new public space, approximately one hectare in size, will be the first visible component of the future CERN masterplan. It will need to be completed by 2014 and the project will have a budget of 3.8m euros.

The CERN facility receives 100,000 visitors annually. According to ASLA, the goal is to provide its 10,000 physicists and technicians that go to work there each day with a “friendly and attractive working environment on a par with world-class fundamental research.” The Geneva city government also says that the new reception area will be an integral part of a broader plan for the development of the France – Switzerland border region and will be the “hub of the seven development poles of the future ‘Circle of Innovation.”

Firms from all countries are invited to submit letters of interest after May 16 2011. Competition winners will be announced in December. A guided site tour is scheduled for June 27, 2011. To sign up contact

More information on the project can be found here.


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