Time running out to submit entries

Public realm architect of the year

The Public Realm Architect of the Year award is open to architects and landscape architects working on the design of hard or soft landscaping in urban environments.

Entries should include one built project from the last three years, and a minimum of one other project, either built or unbuilt. One project may be international.

Among other factors, the judges will be looking for evidence of all-round design excellence and fitness for purpose over a body of work. The size of the projects featured will not be a factor in their deliberations.

Enter here but hurry, the deadline is 20 July.

Last year’s winner, a team featuring muf, landscape architect J & L Gibbons and architect collective EXYZT, transformed abandoned railway land into an urban garden in Hackney. The project was part of a wider initiative called Making Space in Dalston and includes a barn, rainwater storage and furniture made in community workshops on site.


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