Your chance to attend the last two talks in the Public London programme, and see the show before it closes

Public London gets on its Soapbox

There are two remaining talks taking place at Public London at the Building Centre, and now is also the last chance to see the exhibition before it closes on 11 July.

The Soapbox events are part of the Never Mind the Bollards Exhibition on street furniture, devised by Sarah Gaventa and running alongside the Public London exhibition, outside The Building Centre.

On 26 June, speakers will debate the major issues affecting the design of street and public spaces today. The event will run from 12.30pm to 1.30pm and visitors are invited to bring their lunch and debate with four speakers each of whom will talk for 15 minutes about different issues. They will discuss how we can make London’s streets and squares more inclusive, distinctive and work harder for all.

Jack Skillen London Director of the charity Living Streets will talk about the issues affecting pedestrians using London’s streets.

Deborah Persaud, a guide dog owner and cane user for five years and Londoner for nearly 50, will share her experiences of navigating London’s street and public spaces.

Tim Long from the Department of the Built Environment in the City of London will talk about the need to create public space equality, at a time when then are many conflicting users of public space.

Dr Kim Kullman, Sociology Researcher, Goldsmiths University of London will talk about the biggest users of public space who have the smallest voice in decision making – children.  And he will  discuss his research into how children use urban spaces.

See the event listing to learn more.

The format will be similar on 10 July, again running from 12.20 to 1.30 pm. The speakers will ask who is thinking about our street and public spaces in new and interesting ways, and where are the design opportunities to create better spaces for Londoners?

Ross Akin, the designer of Marshalls Responsive Street furniture, will talk about his research and ideas for new smart street furniture and the potential for using technology in public space design.

Makaela Gilchrist and Will Sandy from the Edible Bus Stop will talk about their  practice’s design ideas to create more engaging and edible streets and public spaces.

Johanna Gibbons, landscape architect, will talk about Urban Minds, a new app which will collect data to help increase our understanding of how the urban environment affects our mental wellbeing, and will discuss how the results might be used to inform new design solutions.

The fourth speaker is still to be confirmed.

Click here to learn more.


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