Protecting your work

Protecting your work

Barcodes. You might associate them with trips to the supermarket or smartphone readable adverts, but they also have the potential to protect your work until it has been paid for.

A system is available which allocates a barcode that you can put onto all the files associated with a particular project, helping to prove ownership. 

Creative Barcode ™ was launched in the UK in September last year. This is how the system works:

  • A customer downloads an application to their computer (Mac or PC)
  • They can then create a barcode, which includes their encoded contact details and information about the project.
  • The code can then be used on all relevant material.There is also a file transfer service, where a client must agree to terms and conditions before viewing the material.
  • The recipient has a unique password and cannot use any of the work without the permission of the creator. A transfer of ownership certificate can be created once the material is sold.

Creative Barcode ™ costs £30 plus VAT per year, which gives you the application, five barcodes and 200 MB of file transfer space.

It has yet to be seen how much legal protection the system will give in practice, and perhaps there is a risk of giving clients the impression that you mistrust them.

However on the face of things, it has the potential to become a very useful tool for many people in the creative industry.

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