Coalition of environmental groups has written a paper

Proposals launch for land strategy for Northern Ireland
Proposals launch for land strategy for Northern Ireland

Land Matters Task Force (LMTF) last week launched ‘Towards a Land Strategy for Northern Ireland’.

The paper has been prepared by a coalition of sectoral organisations including the Landscape Institute Northern Ireland, RSPB, The National Trust NI, Ulster Farmers Union, Quarry Products Association and Ulster Wildlife.

It is designed to encourage and lobby the Northern Ireland Executive to consider the development of a National Land Use/ Landscape Strategy, similar to those of Scotland and the Republic of Ireland.

The vision of such a strategy would be for land and landscapes to be managed for the benefit of people’s well–being and prosperity, respecting the views of communities, groups and individuals, striving for environmental excellence, and making best use of its multi–functionality.

Such a strategy would sit above the suite of sectoral policies, and aim to provide a framework to manage conflicting policy priorities and balance competing demands on land.

You can read the full document here.


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