Competition that mocks Garden Bridge proposal announces winners

Proposal to torch trees wins Folly for London competition

A design called ‘Green Fire of London’ has taken top prize in the Folly for London competition, which was set up by Will Jennings as part of his political opposition to the proposed Garden Bridge, designed by Thomas Heatherwick.

There were more than 50 entries from all around the world, with top prize going to Ben Weir with his proposal ‘Green Fire of London’ which proposed the creation of an eternal flame set on a vast pier and dedicated to 21st Century planners and developers. Fuel for the flame would come from cutting down trees across London.

Ben Weir has won the prize in the competiton, a framed artwork by satirical cartoonist Martin Rowson.

This cartoon by Martin Rowson was the prize

There were also two runners, up, Floating Tidal Exploded Bus Maze, by Chris Doray Studio and
Bulb, by Anthropophagic Architecture Anonymous.

Chris Doray Studio’s Exploded Bus Maze will be a theme park built from locally sustainably materials sourced by demolishing trees and houses

Anthropophagic Architecture Anonymous proposes the creation of The Bulb, housing the poor who will be evicted from housing estates, which will then offer more opportunities to developers

In addition there were three greenwash winners, Bifrost Bridge, by Charlie Plumley, Huge Cake, by Shimokawa Shohei and The Fairy Mushroom, by Anna Pro and Kira Olkhovsky.

Charlie Plumley’s Bifrost Bridge will allow visitors to cross the rainbow-coloured structure on unicorns with horns made from recycled materials

Shimokawa Shohei argues that Huge Cake will be more environmentally friendly than the Garden Bridge. It will attract people, animals and insects to eat, and then disappear to nothing

The Fairy Mushroom by Anna Pro and Kira Olkhovsky will provide both residential apartments and a business centre

Honorary mentions for absurd transport infrastructure went to Devil’s Bridges by Valentina Kholoshenko and Valeriia Potashko, and to Jesus Square and Bridge by Andrius Daujotas and  Tautvil.

In addition there were two honorary mentions for priapic humour which went to Roly Tee for Arseholes and to Huren Marsh for Scrotopolis.

The judges of the competition were Martin Rowson, Natalie Bennett, the leader of the Green Party, and writer and journalist Owen Hatherly.

See more about the competition and the campaign at the A Folly for London website.


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