Procurement problems

Procurement problems

The LI continues its efforts to make public procurement less of a nightmare for small businesses. 

The problems of procurement were recently the subject of a meeting with MPs of the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Built Environment, which the LI is involved in, and we are currently trying to get some relaxation of the OJEU tendering rules. 

Intended to open up tendering across the EU, these have had the perverse effect of making it insurmountably difficult for many firms to submit bids for work.

The problems are recognised by the EU Commission and a consultation is taking place on how to reform them.

The LI has asked or responses from its Registered Practices, and if any other members have views on how the OJEU system can be made to work better for small businesses, please contact with your views. 

To note also: a new website us being set up for public contracts in England, to replace the current

The new site is at and it is free for all businesses to use.



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