LI’s Policy Committee set to respond to Communities and Local Government Committee inquiries, and Defra proposals on the natural environment

Mouth of the Weaver
Mouth of the Weaver

Over the next two months, the Landscape Institute’s Policy Committee will be formulating its responses to three significant policy proposals which have the potential to have an impact on the profession.

Communities and Local Government Committee inquiry – Revocation of Regional Spatial Strategies (deadline 15 September)
This inquiry will look at the implications of the recent announcement on the revocation of RSSs, which will have a significant impact on planning at the larger-than-local scale.

The LI will be submitting evidence, focusing, in particular, on how best to plan for matters that operate at a scale wider than the administrative boundaries of local authorities (e.g. green infrastructure and water management). The LI’s response will also explore the adequacy of current proposals for Local Enterprise Partnerships – partnerships of local authorities based on economic geography – to fulfil a planning function.

Communities and Local Government inquiry – Localism (deadline 1 October)
This inquiry will focus on the government’s plans for localism and the decentralisation of public services. For more information, read our article ‘Localism could miss the big picture on planning’

Defra white paper discussion document – An invitation to shape the nature of England (deadline 30 October)
This is an important document for the LI to be involved with, particularly as it is in the early stages of development. The document covers green infrastructure, ecosystem services and the value of the natural environment, all of which are central themes of recent, and ongoing, LI policy activity.

The discussion document recognises that the value of the natural environment in terms of ecosystem goods and services, is as a source of personal relaxation, enjoyment, community pride, public health and economic security, and highlights the role of green infrastructure in delivering this. For more information, read our article ‘Defra calling to aid environmental protection’

The LI’s Policy Committee will be responding to all of these. However, we’d be delighted if more members would like to assist in helping shape our response. For more information on how to get involved, please contact the policy team, Policy and Public Affairs Officer on 020 7299 4537 or at


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