The Landscape Institute has appointed a policy consultant for Wales, Dr Ruth Williams, who is working for the organisation 30 days per year.

Dr Ruth Williams, the LI's new policy officer for Wales
Policy consultant for Wales appointed

Williams has a degree and a PhD in marine biology, but has spent most of her career dealing with the terrestrial environment. She was the first person to run the Wye Valley AONB, was executive director of Wales Environment Link and, from 2001 until August 2013, was head of policy and communications for the National Trust in Wales.

She has an impressive list of other achievements as well. They include being a government appointee to the Welsh Development Agency, where she chaired the Regeneration Committee, and to Pembroke Coast National Park Authority.

Much of Williams’ work has involved setting up organisations or being there at the start. ‘I like being a pathfinder,’ she says, and she enjoys working with people from a range of organisations and understanding their different approaches and cultures.

Through her work Williams has built up invaluable contacts, including Welsh ministers, senior civil servants and the Board and key officers of the new body Natural Resources Wales, which combines the former Environment Agency, Countryside Council for Wales and Forestry Commission. Her dual mission for the Landscape Institute, she says, will be to ‘make landscape heard in Wales and to raise awareness of Welsh issues across the LI’.

Williams is based in Swansea. Members of the Institute can contact her here.


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