We want to hear from practitioners in both the public and private sectors

Please take our survey about the public sector

Over the past few months the Landscape Institute Public Sector Working Group (made up of LI members) has been looking at ways of responding to concerns about the state of the profession in this area of employment. Huge changes are underway in local government and the public sector as a whole; cuts are changing the face of landscape professionals’ employment and input to the work of local authorities’ and government agencies. 

In response the LI is carrying out a survey  to establish: 
• how it can and should support its members in the public sector
• if and how the LI can influence restructuring of public services in Northern Ireland, Wales, England and Scotland.

The more members of the profession respond to the survey, the more valuable it will be.

You can find the survey here.

The closing date for submissions is Monday 7 September.


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