Don’t forget you need the appropriate CSCS or LISS/CSCS card if going on site

Jubilee Gardens construction site
Jubilee Gardens under construction

Although not a statutory requirement, many contractors and construction clients insist that people regularly working on their sites, particularly if not escorted, hold the appropriate CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) or LISS/CSCS (Landbased Industry Skills Scheme/CSCS) cards for the work they undertake. These cards provide proof that individuals working on commercial sites have the required training to enable safe and appropriate site behaviour.

CSCS will be familiar to most.  LISS/CSCS is a more recent jointly-managed Scheme where industry is working with CSCS to develop a framework for skills development and progression in the Landbased sectors through a structured card scheme. This scheme is administered through BALI and full details can be obtained  from the BALI website. This is now the preferred route for landscape professionals to obtain cards, although CMLI & FLI can still apply directly to CSCS if they prefer.

In brief:

Chartered Landscape professionals can apply for the White/Yellow Professionally Qualified Persons (PQP) card.

Licentiate members are able to apply for a Trainee PQP card whilst they are working towards their CMLI. Alternatively Graduates / Licentiate members could apply for the renewable White/Yellow Academically Qualified Persons (AQP) card if they hold a suitable Landscape and Horticultural related qualification.  If the qualification is not listed on the BALI website then they can contact BALI direct  for approval; BALI has delegated authority from CSCS to determine course suitability.

If you find you need a new LISS/CSCS card, bear in mind you will need to:

  • be able to demonstrate your level of academic or professional achievement
  • book and have passed the CITB Managers and Professionals Health & Safety Environment Test
  • book and have passed the ROLO, Health Safety & Environmental Awareness Course
  • provide current employer contact details
  • submit a signed application form
  • pay fees of £19.50 for the test, ROLO (price available from the ROLO Training Provider) and £38.00 for the LISS/CSCS card
  • for any further information about the full range of cards available, please visit the BALI website

Please note that these schemes are nothing to do with the Landscape Institute, but the Institute will discuss systemic concerns affecting several members with BALI or CSCS if necessary.

The information above was checked with BALI’s Certification & Scheme Officer.


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