Civic Trees, part of the national green spaces company Glendale, is undertaking a major urban tree planting project in the London Borough of Brent.

Urban trees may be threatened by the pressures on tree officers

The £25,000 contract forms part of Brent Council’s plans for enhancing the A5 Cricklewood Broadway. So far, Civic Trees has planted 39 London plane (Platanus x acerifolia) trees along the route in specially dug pits designed to help the trees bed in and to protect underground utilities.

It had to battle some of the worst weather this spring has to undertake the job on time and to budget. The trees are supported by underground guy ropes.
‘We are using trees from our existing stock which gives us the flexibility to deliver them as and when they are needed,’ says Civic’s sales manager Deric Newman. ‘Our team is self contained and that also helps to minimise disruption on this main road during the planting.’
‘Research shows that trees in urban areas have a positive, stress-reducing effect and this is part of an extensive tree planting programme aimed at creating an attractive and pleasant environment for our residents,’ says council leader Muhammed Butt. ‘Trees on our streets also filter pollution, provide shade and can support wildlife even in the harshest of urban environments,’ he adds.


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