Placemaking focus groups

The HCA is a national partnership of more than 20 organisations committed to improving the skills of people in the place making sector. It wants to create a functional analysis map for place making, to capture the breadth of activity and recognise the common skills that practitioners are using in their jobs.

Localism demands different skills within individual professions and reflects a new bottom-up approach to place making. This shift in approach demands different skills within individual professions, and the skills analysis will aim to establish what these jobs and functions include as part of their role and remit.

This functional analysis is going to be critical to help the localism agenda, as more and more local authorities and public and voluntary sector bodies are likely to find themselves playing a bigger role in place making.

The focus groups take place in:

  • London – 17 August
  • Cardiff – 19 August
  • Edinburgh – 24 August
  • Belfast – 25 August

To register for one of the groups, or to take part in the wider consultation, go to the HCA website.


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