Pete Mullin appointed LIs Northern Ireland Policy Officer

Pete Mullin
Pete Mullin will speak about green infrastructure

A LI policy representative for several years, Mullin says his new role will enable him to prioritise his LI commitments. ‘The next couple of years are going to be very important and difficult for our sector – we need to work very hard to raise the profile of Landscape Architecture in Northern Ireland at all levels and I hope to be instrumental in this ambition,’ he said.

As one of the devolved nations of the UK, Northern Ireland has witnessed a wave of change in the past few years to it policies and structures, Mullin explains.’With the most significant proposal resulting from RPA process (Review of Public Administration), which has recommended and agreed a reduction in the number of councils operating in Northern Ireland from 26 to 11, empowering each with planning responsibilities.’

With the transfer of planning, Mullin adds, it is essential that the authorities and decision makers are made aware of the importance and value which landscape professionals offer to the process and engage them from the outset.


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