People and Places project launched by CABE

People and Places project launched by CABE

Only 37 percent of people believe they can influence decisions affecting their local area. The government wants to empower people to affect the places they live after fewer than one in five people took part in last year’s civic consultation. As part of the Big Society drive, the government has asked CABE to help. As a result CABE recently launched their People and Places project.

Using research from Ipsos MORI on people’s opinions on beauty, CABE found that eight out of ten people think that beauty matters. People clearly want to make their area more beautiful but the research revealed that 44 percent believe the council has more responsibility than anyone to make the area beautiful.

One individual who took part in the research said he can’t bear his surrounding of Park Hill, Sheffield and enjoys beauty in a ruined castle on the edge of the city. “It’s somewhere we hang out and look after. We stand up to other people who don’t. What’s the point in trashing things? If there is no beauty in your life, just horrible stuff, you’re not going to be a nice person.”

CABE has asked seven thinkers to respond to the question: “Does beauty matter?” Essays were submitted by Diana Athill OBE; architect Irena Bauman; philosophers Matthew Kieran and Glenn Parsons; cultural economist Hasan Bakhshi; critic Bonnie Greer OBE; and architecture professor Alan Powers. All are available to download from
With help from some inspirational films, CABE is inviting the public to join the discussion. Visit to share your views.


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