Investors sought for outdoor adventure attraction

Sketch showing the hillside with urban bike park plus development option

Gillespies has drawn up a masterplan and feasibility study for redevelopment of a former ski village in Sheffield.

Colliers and Sheffield City Council plan to redevelop Sheffield Ski Hill at Parkwood Springs, on a hillside on the edge of the city. The proposals use the steep slopes as part of mountain bike trails and a dual slalom as a major visitor attraction. Gillespies is also looking at the potential of other sites around the city in making Sheffield a centre for outdoor adventure.

Tim Buykx, associate at Gillespies, said: ‘Sheffield is a city renowned for its active lifestyle and outdoor adventure sports – climbing, running, biking and hiking. The Parkwood Springs development provides a great opportunity to capture people’s enthusiasm for adventure sports and deliver a downhill adrenaline sports destination close to the city centre.

‘The design concept envisions a range of downhill sports forming the heart of a recreation training and competition facility, which will provide the north of England with an unrivalled city-based adventure sports park.’

Sheffield City Council is currently seeking investors for the project; the closing date for expressions of interest is 7 April. More information is available at


  1. To whoever this may concern,
    I like the idea of this, however the skiing itself was a big part of my childhood and it would be nice to see the slopes brought back to life. The fact that anyone who didn’t own anything could still go there, hire a pair of skis, snowboard etc… and still be able to have a good time. Making it a bike trail would terminate any chance of someone with nothing being able to enjoy their time here. Please consider my proposal.
    Thanks, Lawrence


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