How have things changed since 2014?

Dulwich Park, south London, from which a Barbara Hepworth sculpture was stolen in 2011

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) is asking park managers and local authorities to take part in a survey to assess the effect of the current economic climate on the UK’s parks.

In 2014, the first ‘State of Parks’ survey reported 86 per cent of park managers had experienced cuts in their revenue budget since 2010 and that 45 per cent of local authorities were considering selling their parks or subcontracting their management. The second report, due out this summer, will look at how things have changed in the past two years, focussing on management and quality of green spaces.

Drew Bennellick, head of landscapes and natural heritage at HLF, said: “The first ‘State of Parks’ report was widely used to extol the value of public parks, and this was in a large part thanks to the time and dedication of those that completed the survey.

“We want to know how parks have fared since then. Has funding stabilised? Have new income streams helped address the challenges facing parks? Or have the difficulties become more acute since our last survey?  We want to hear from as many park managers as possible to help us get a full and accurate picture of the state of our parks.”

HLF is also conducting a survey of park friends and community groups. Both surveys run until 29 April and can be completed online or download the survey


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