The two organisations have joined forces to support a partnership of 50+ organisations and leading practitioners, creating a new Parks and Green Space Network (PGSN) to better support the parks sector

Eastside City Park, Birmingham © Peter Cook

In May 2020, the boards of The Parks Alliance (TPA) and the Landscape Institute (LI) agreed in principle to bring their organisations closer together. The goal: to create a stronger voice, avoid duplication of efforts, and better support the parks and green space sector.

Since then, TPA has published Making Parks Count – The Case for Parks, and has been busy working with colleagues in the LI and from the sector to build the Network. On 17 July, the Network held its inaugural meeting via Zoom, where it ratified its vision, mission, goals and working principles, and set about delivering on them.

The Network’s vision is ‘…for everyone to have access to quality green spaces that improve their physical and mental health, are inclusive, that contribute to the sustainability of their community and the world, and that support the economic vitality of their neighbourhood, town or city.’

The Network aims to provide a voice for parks, representing and empowering the people and organisations that create, maintain, invest in and use public green spaces.

Working collaboratively and inclusively across the sector, the Network will promote parks and green spaces at every level – from local to international – to ensure the very best for these vital public assets.

The Network includes over 50 leaders and experts from public, private and voluntary organisations across the UK. These leaders will decide the Network’s priorities, and members will be able to support delivery according to their interests.

To find out more about the Parks and Green Space Network, its mission, goals, principles, immediate work areas, and inaugural members, visit


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