The latest piece of landscape in this London development has a distinctive character

Pancras Square opens at Kings Cross

A new square has opened at London's King's Cross, the latest element in the development by King's Cross Central Limited Partnership.

Providing 4000m2 of public space, the new square has been designed by Townshend Landscape Architects, which is also part of the masterplanning scheme for the entire development.

Almost entirely surrounded by seven office buildings, the square is a long narrow space which has at is centre  a water feature that cascades down a number of terraces. 

Visitors are enticed into the square as they glimpse it from the main artery of King's Boulevard, drawn not just by the water features but also by the sculptural forms of the trees and, at night, by the dramatic lighting. 

Perhaps the greatest achievement is that this space has an entirely different feeling to the other spaces that have already opened at King's Cross, including Granary Square and Handyside Gardens. All are successful, but each has a distinct identity.

Cafes and restaurants will open shortly in Pancras Square, to further animate the space.


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