LDA advises on growing the green economy

Oxfordshire launches environmental and economic plan

Oxfordshire Local Enterprise Partnership (OxLEP) has launched an environmental and economic investment plan that aims to build 100,000 new homes and create 85,600 jobs by 2031.

The Oxford Strategic Environmental and Economic Investment Plan (SEEIP) has been drawn up by OxLEP with independent design, environment and sustainability consultancy, LDA Design and environmental economists Eftec.

Priorities for environmental investment under the plan include: growing Oxfordshire’s green economy; enhancing the quality and resilience of urban areas; reducing flood risk, enhancing water resources and promoting biodiversity; promoting access to the countryside; and engaging people in the environment while enabling more sustainable lifestyles.

Helen Pearce, director at LDA Design, said: ‘Oxfordshire contributes around £15.5bn per annum to the British economy. To secure the ongoing success of the county and enable further growth, investment in Oxfordshire’s natural capital will be as important as investment in skills, transport and housing. Furthermore, it will spur on the development of innovative new environmental products and services for which there is growing demand in national and international markets.’

LDA has also been selected by Merton Council to develop its 25-year masterplan for Wimbledon Park, south London, which includes a 9ha lake by Capability Brown. An extensive public consultation programme is due to start this summer.

More information on the OxLEP plan .


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