Research by the DECC reveals and overwhelming desire for renewable energy from young people

"Overwhelming desire" for renewable energy from young people

Research conducted by the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Youth Advisory Panel shows there is an overwhelming support for renewable energy among young people.

Ninety four per cent of those questioned said they thought offshore wind provided the ‘fairest’ energy while only 2.2% supported coal energy. Onshore wind and solar energy were also rated highly by 81% and 94% of people respectively.

These figures are part of a report that will be presented by the panel to energy and climate change minister Charles Hendry. The report looks at the UK’s energy policies from the perspective of young people who will have to live with those decisions for the rest of their lives.

Young people, aged between 16 and 25, drafted the report themselves, having visited power stations, nuclear plants and renewable energy projects in order to get an insight into. They also met with experts, industry figures, pressure groups and innovators, to try and see how we can keep the lights on in 2050 while reducing carbon emissions.

The report calls for more young people to get involved and suggests that there should be greater youth consultation on energy and climate change policy.


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