Olympic Park continues starring role at Games

Olympic Park continues starring role at Games

The annual meadows reached the peak of their flowering for the final weekend, as intended, to create a ‘band of gold’ forming a backdrop to the main stadium as visitors arrived for the closing ceremony. By the time the park opens again for the Paralympics, these meadows will be past their best, but the four  large areas of planting, based on four regions of the world and planted by Sarah Price Landscapes, will dominate instead. These areas have already received extensive media coverage, including interviews on the BBC with the gardener responsible for their maintenance. Gratifyingly, media attention has extended beyond simply the flowering areas to the wider park, with overall design by LDA Design. Hargreaves Associates. A commentator on Radio 4 on Saturday morning, for instance, talked about the wildlife, about coots and dragonflies and a possible sighting of a water vole. 

Despite its enormous popularity, the park will remain closed between the Olympics and Paralympics, partly for security reasons and partly to allow it to be maintained and to recover. Areas of the meadows have, for example, been ‘trashed’ according to Neil Mattinson, senior partner at LDA Design, because of the numbers using them. And the organisers had to insert special platforms in the annual meadows to accommodate photo opportunities. The only problems, though, have been the problems of success.

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