The organisers of the Northern Design Awards have added a new category of ‘landscaping design’ at the suggestion of designer Wayne Hemingway.

Wayne Hemingway
Wayne Hemingway, who suggested the addition of a landscape category.

The new category replaces garden design which was previously a category. Wayne Hemingway, who presented last year’s awards, suggested the change.

‘It widens the awards,’ Hemingway said. ‘It won’t just be people entering their gardens this year. Landscape design is one of the most important things you can have in terms of placemaking. It covers a much broader church than just garden design. It could be a park or a home zone. Landscape design is very important but it gets overlooked.’

The deadline for entries to the Northern Design Awards is 18 October.

Hemingway will present this year’s Landscape Institute awards. You can read a full interview with him in the next issue of Landscape, due out at the end of this month.


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