President talked about the importance of green infrastructure and about ‘voids’ in the planning process.

Noel Farrer gives evidence to House of Lords on green infrastructure

LI President Noel Farrer has given oral evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on National Policy for the Built Environment. This followed the Landscape Institute’s submission of written evidence which was prepared during the summer.

Noel was asked questions relating to the relationship between landscape architecture’s integration into the wider design process of new development, how the improve understanding of landscape among all built environment professionals and how to reconcile the need for high quality landscape at the same time as increasing demand for housing.

He spoke about a 'huge void' that exists between the top level and the local levels of planning, a void 'that could be filled by a national landscape strategy, based on the national character areas.' He also said that, despite the excellent publicity that green infrastructure has had, 'I think that it is misunderstood. Developers see it as on the wrong side of the balance sheet.' But, he argued, 'there is no doubt that having green spaces and places where people can feel safe have a significant value, and have a significant value at the point of sale.' He said that he wanted to see legislation 'with teeth' that would oblige developers to embrace green infrastructure and not just see it as a 'nice to have' that they could eliminate to save money.

Noel gave evidence alongside Iain Taylor, director of business development at the Land Trust..

You can watch the session here.


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