He brings great understanding of education and its needs to the role.

Nick Harrison becomes chief examiner

Nick Harrison has taken over from Roger Greenwood as one of the Landscape Institute’s two chief examiners. Nick, who is a Fellow of the Landscape Institute, is based in Manchester. He joins London-based Mayda Henderson in a role to which he brings widespread experience related to education.

He is a member of the education and membership committee, which he chaired from 2005-2010, and has been involved with the Pathway to Chartership and its predecessors since the 1990s. He was involved in creating the documents for the Elements and Areas of Practice.

Nick was also  a member of the LI council from 2004 to 2010. He has worked as a practitioner for a local authority and so understands the needs of education. ‘I have an involvement from a few sides,’ he said.

Roger Greenwood approached Nick with a suggestion that he might take over from him just before the exams last May, and he took office before this November’s exams.  He was pleased with the positive reaction of candidates to the examinations. ‘The general feedback is that most candidates have found the pathway a good guide to helping them along.’

He is aware of the challenges to come, talking about the next revision to the syllabus, and the importance of ensuring that it is applicable to people who are not primarily designers. There is also the possibility of urban designers joining the profession.

But despite the challenges, he does not anticipate any big changes. ‘I don’t want to be radical,’ Nick said, ‘because I have been part of creating what we have today. I have had my say.’

He also paid tribute to his predecessor. ‘Roger has made a steadfast contribution to the chartership process,’ he said, ‘guiding the examination process, in collaboration with Mayda Henderson, as both the format of the Pathway and the syllabus have seen several major changes during his tenure, Roger will be greatly missed, but he has offered to assist and help out should the need arise in future.’


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