If you have opinions on technical issues facing the landscape profession, then sign up for a one-day workshop with the LI Technical Committee and share your ideas

Next Technical Committee workshop to be held in Newcastle

Following the success of the first Technical Committee workshop in London, a second will take place on 1 November in Newcastle.

You don’t need to be a technical expert or have a wealth of experience in order to attend – the workshops are for any members who regularly deal with technical aspects of the job.

The Committee hopes to draw on the knowledge and expertise that exists within the profession in order to develop informal technical resources like the Knowledge Base and the Knowledge Forum. Members’ help is key in developing these, as well as formal ‘official’ guidance for dissemination to a wider audience of practitioners.

A review of current advice and the publication of a new technical guidance to complement the LI’s policy work on housing, climate change and green infrastructure are in the pipeline, as well as the development of technical guidance in other priority areas. For more information, contact Lesley Malone or to book a place, please use the links below.

To book a place for the Newcastle workshop, register here.



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