Churchman Landscape Architects is to design a new landscape for the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich.

Sammy Ofer Wing view from the western entrance.
Sammy Ofer Wing view from the western entrance.

The firm’s proposals extend the simple grass carpet of Greenwich Park up to the classical Museum façade achieving a sense of visual continuity and openness. Blades of clipped hornbeam provide green facades to the new structure reinforcing the notion that this building is at one with its setting. The maritime references influence the detail of the design: a linear water rill that extends 160m from the site boundary to the entrance draws people to the heart of the scheme while providing a degree of fun and engagement. 

Other details currently being explored include an extension to the celebrated herbaceous border, which is filled with frothy billowing vegetation, and a series of ornamental gates that reference the trade crops that underpin our maritime heritage. 

The Sammy Ofer wing was conceived by CF Møller and will be developed by Purcell Miller Tritton architects. 

The construction work is scheduled to begin on site this summer with completion of the whole scheme expected in 2011 in time for the Olympics, when Greenwich Park will host the equestrian events.


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