The Pathway to Chartership is to move to a new IT platform in July, the LI has announced.

New IT platform for Pathway to Chartership

The change follows a pilot with a group of candidates and mentors in the spring. The new system was well received by the pilot group, who found it easy to understand and quick to use, with 70 per cent of candidates saying that they thought that the new system would save them time – a view echoed by their mentors.

“The main features of the Pathway will remain the same,” said Alastair McCapra, LI chief executive. “However, the interface will look slightly different and we have looked at system usability: for example, most people should find a reduction in the time involved in making submissions and we have used the new platform as an opportunity to streamline the Pathway process in light of comments from members.”

From July, only one mentor notification will be required in order for a candidate to move towards the exam. There will also be less to write for mentors – comments will be required against broad syllabus sections in the Mentor Review rather than each syllabus area.

New format for the development pack will also encourage candidates to be more focused in their entries, describing what learning activities they have undertaken and how these activities have helped them developed their knowledge and understanding: “The emphasis in submissions is on quality not quantity,” said McCapra.

“Comments from Pathway examiners show that the Pathway is achieving what it set out to do – nurturing a new generation of practitioners, ready to take on the responsibilities of chartered practice in a fast changing world, “ said LI President Jo Watkins.

“But we have been aware that there have been concerns about the input required from candidates and their practices. The changes mean that effort is focused on where it is needed. We believe that Pathway candidates and mentors will find the system easier to use and simpler to complete,” he said.

New candidates will be able to register for the new Pathway from June onwards. Existing candidates and their mentors will transfer to the new system from July. The LI will be in touch with Pathway users in the coming weeks to explain the changes and what they will need to do to get started on the new system.


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