Liverpool city centre looks set to go from strength to strength, as details of a new plan for the city’s development come to light.

New investment plan for Liverpool city centre

Over the past decade, Liverpool has transformed into a vibrant metropolitan city – a centre of investment, retail and culture, and was named European Capital of Culture in 2008. Liverpool is also thriving economically; according to the Office of National Statistics, Liverpool weathered the early years of the economic crisis better than other cities in the UK.

Many attribute these achievements to the Strategic Regeneration Framework 2000, a plan that brought about the creation of Liverpool One – a shopping, residential and leisure complex – the Museum of Liverpool and St. Paul’s Square.

Hoping to build on this success, the new Strategic Investment Framework (SIF) is due for publication this spring. The plan will focus on economic development through the creation of jobs, wealth and new investment in the city centre.

Max Steinberg, Liverpool Vision’s chief executive, is confident that the SIF will be “no less ambitious and just as successful” as its precursor.

The SIF steering group consists of representatives from key business sectors in Liverpool, including Liverpool One, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic and Liverpool John Moores University. Property consultancy Drivers Jonas Deloitte are directing the consortium developing the plan and advisors include Joe Berridge from the Urban Design firm Urban Strategies.



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