UK pavilion developed around concept of the beehive

New images released of UK Milan Expo pavilion

New images and a new animation have been released of the UK pavilion for Milan Expo 2015

Bringing together 147 countries and an anticipated 20 million visitors, the Milan Expo, which will take place between May and October 2015, will focus on the urgent challenge of how to feed the world as the global population is projected to increase to nine billion in 2050.

As announced earlier in the year, the UK pavilion, will be designed by Wolfgang Buttress and built by Stage One and RISE.

As part of Buttress’s team, BDP will provide landscape, architectural and environmental engineering expertise for the project, the theme of which is ‘Grown in Britain’.

Through the pavilion, ‘the UK aims to boost global perceptions of the country as an excellent place for trade and investment, as well as to visit’.

The 1,910 square metre pavilion will be developed around the concept of the beehive, the role of the honeybee and how new research and technology are helping to address food security and biodiversity. ‘The humble bee plays a unique role in our ecosystem and strong parallels can be drawn between the culture and interactions in a bee colony and those in human societies,’ says its designer.

James Millington, landscape architect at BDP, described the project as ‘a true collaboration between landscape and art that aims to highlight the decline of the world’s bee population and the importance of pollination to the production of food’.

The Pavilion comprises five main areas: the orchard; the meadow; the terrace; the hive; and the ‘architectural programme’. Situated beneath the terrace, the architectural programme will be a ‘flexible auditorium space conntecting to a VIP area’, designed for conferences ‘and one-off events’.


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