Colourful mini-parklets brighten streetscape while monitoring air quality

The new Fresh Air Square outside the Unicorn Theatre

Two more Fresh Air Squares have been added to the London Bridge area of London.

Designed by WMB Studio and commissioned by Team London Bridge, these brightly-coloured modular mini-parklets temporarily introduce seating and planting, while monitoring air quality. It is hoped that although these installations are temporary, they will promote the need for more permanent green spaces and improve connectivity around the area for pedestrians.

The first Fresh Air Square was sited on Tooley Street, but has now been relocated to a site outside Tower Bridge Primary School. The new parklets, installed by CJS Planting, can be found outside the Unicorn Theatre and beside 1 London Bridge.

For the Unicorn parklet, shade-friendly plants have been used such as Fatsia Japonica, Dryopteris Atrata and Helleborous Niger. At the more open spot at 1 London Bridge, the planting incorporates Prunus Serrula trees and underplanting of Heuchera, Viburnum Tinus and Nandina Domestica.



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