New members have joined the Editorial Advisory Panel

New Editorial Advisory Panel announced

Recruitment for the LI Editorial Advisory Panel has now been completed with the formation of a 12-strong panel comprising existing and new members, with responsibility for supervising Landscape, the Journal of the LI and online News and Events service.

The new Panel reflects a balance of landscape practitioners, academics and students, but particularly strengthens the Panel’s formal links to universities and centres of research, including Newcastle University, home to peer reviewed journal Landscape Research, and Edinburgh College of Art.

The connection to universities has been achieved by electing students such as Amanda McDermott who studies an MLA course at Sheffield University while working part-time for Dally Henderson LLP. Her original degree was in Architecture and Landscape, which has given her a continued interest in the relationship between the built environment and its surroundings. “I am interested in trying to continue to view them as a whole rather than separate entities, and also the relationships between professions and professionals from different disciplines,” she said.

Applications to the Panel were reviewed by President Jo Watkins, Vice-president Brodie McAllister and independent trustee Deborah Fowler.

It’s not just students that build the links to education. John Stuart Murray is head of the School of Landscape Architecture at Edinburgh College of Art. He applied with the intention of bringing a student perspective from all levels of the landscape. His interests focus on ecology legibility and aesthetics in design as well as teaching methods and student-centred learning. On his goals at the LI, he says: “I would like Landscape to be the first journal practitioners pick up.”

Jill White, a chartered member and urban designer at Devon County Council says: “My main interest within landscape architecture is to help people to engage with their environments and to actively shape the spaces that surround them.” She has been trying to ensure a meaningful consultation process on public realm schemes involving all sections of the community. As a result her work has been a main influence in the establishment of a new community forum in a town she has been working in. She points out: “I always aim to remember that it’s a communities’ town – not ours – and the residents will know what will work.” She decided to join the Panel because: “communication is central to our profession and I want to help in the sharing perspectives of different sections of the community.”

A Licentiate member, Jimi McKay, is not currently working in landscape architecture but has a keen interest in urban agriculture, park design, sustainable masterplanning and construction. He wrote his Masters dissertation on urban agriculture and was pleased to see that the last edition of Landscape addressed the issue. He elaborates: “I believe that urban agriculture has enormous potential to ameliorate depressed urban areas and increase the sustainability of those which are barren (practically all cities). I have  recently been in contact with an urban agriculture development organisation in South America, with a view to a potential collaboration, since I plan on working and travelling in Peru in the near future.” He explained that one day he would: “like to found an interdisciplinary practice, focusing on spatial and architectural design at all scales which integrates permaculture and productive elements.” His reason for getting involved with the EAP was his love of writing which he sees as essential for theory to evolve, document and, ultimately, help good practice.

The full list of appointed members
Eleanor Atkinson, Landscape Architect, Lloyd Bore Landscape Architects and Ecologists, Licentiate member.

Merrick Denton-Thompson OBE, CMLI, Landscape Architect, former board member of Natural England, founder and trustee of the Learning Through Landscapes Trust

Edwin Knighton CMLI, Head of Landscape Architecture, Leeds Metropolitan University. Academic Member

Amanda McDermott, student, Sheffield University. Student Member and Council Member

Jimi McKay, Landscape Architect. Licentiate Member

Rick Rowbotham CMLI, Landscape Architect, Director, Form Associates, Landscape Architects

John Stuart Murray FLI, Head, School of Landscape Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art. Fellow and Council Member

Ian Thompson CMLI, Reader (Associate Professor) in Landscape Architecture, School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape, Newcastle University

Tim Waterman, Honorary Editor, Lecturer in Landscape Architecture, Writtle College of Design. Academic Member

Jo Watkins CMLI, PLI, President

Jenifer White CMLI, Senior Landscape Adviser at English Heritage

Jill White CMLI, Urban Designer, Devon County Council. Chartered member

Ex officio members
George Bull, Editor
Paul Lincoln, Director of Policy and Communications
Alastair McCapra, CEO

Full details of the terms of reference for the Editorial Advisory Panel can be downloaded from the members’ section of the website.


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