The LI has launched an Appointments and Selection Committee.

New committee to choose LI trustees

It was established at the Advisory Council meeting on 7 July. Its task is to select and review candidates for positions on the Board of Trustees, including the Chairs of standing committees, and to make recommendations for appointments to the Advisory Council. 

The Committee’s recommendation to appoint Noel Farrer as Chair of Policy Committee has been approved by Council. He has now taken up this position and occupies a seat on the Board in this capacity. 

The Committee is currently looking at the chairing roles of the Education and Membership and the Technical Committees and the four vacancies for Independent Board members. Candidates’ submissions are being considered against person specifications and responses to the terms of reference for the Board and, where appropriate, the relevant Committee. 

There are three internal candidates for the positions of Independent Board members. Before making recommendations for the four appointments, the Committee is seeking external candidates, as is now enabled under the revised Charter. This initiative, which is fully supported by the Committee, has also been well received in informal soundings. Subject to identifying and appointing suitable candidates, the committee members believe that this offers an opportunity to introduce objective and independent views and additional skills and experience that will benefit the Institute’s future direction.

We are also reviewing a formal appointment to the position of Honorary Secretary, which is currently filled on an acting basis by Christine Tinsley.

Members of the Appointments and Selection Committee want to ensure that all members of the Institute are aware of its processes and procedures and that these are perceived by all concerned to be open and transparent. Therefore, reports and relevant information will be published, from time to time, in the Governance Section of the Members’ pages of the Institute’s website.

Members of the Appointments and Selection Committee are:

Vivienne Berry
Annie Coombs
Kate Dundas
Elizabeth Ford
Carolin Gohler
Ian Phillips (Chair)


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