Davies White designs space for adventure

Nature-inspired play park at Dinton Pastures Country Park

This Saturday (3 May) sees the opening of an exciting new play park at Dinton Pastures Country Park in Berkshire. Davies White Landscape Architects started work on the £500,000 play park, in September last year. 

Features include giant nest towers, swinging hanging logs, zip wires, a funnel net trap, a play bridge and troll holes, giant climbing logs, a willow maze, a storytelling area and a woodland obstacle course. At the northern part of the play space there are also den-building structures and a woodland picnic area.  
Adam White, co-director of  Davies White Landscape Architects, says that Dinton Pastures Nature Play Space sits somewhere between a traditional playground design and the play value of climbing trees. ‘Forget metal equipment and multi-coloured rubber surfaces, our innovative wild design rejects preconceived notions of a playground in favour of a more natural approach to play.’ 

Working with Wokingham Borough Council, he says, ‘we have returned to these simple pleasures of encouraging engagement with natural surroundings and taking acceptable levels of risk’.

This flagship project aims to emphasise that the entire environment can have play value, not just a corner of a park or garden. Think grassy mounds, tunnels, playful planting, timber decking, sand, bridges and boulders complemented by bespoke hand-crafted play equipment.


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