Document should help with decisions on Countryside Stewardship

Natural England publishes guidance on historic parkland

Natural England has produced the Historic Parkland Handbook, a document largely aimed at its own staff to help them to handle agri-environment agreements within historic parkland.

This handbook aims to bring together the various sources of internal parkland guidance, alongside updating documents such as the model brief.  Also included is a scoring system for historic parklands and Wood Pasture & Parkland habitats, which is the product of the Defra-funded evidence project undertaken by Cookson & Tickner, which assessed the delivery of agri-environment schemes within parkland sites.  The organisation has worked collaboratively with Historic England.

The scoring system aims to be of particular use to Natural England advisers seeking to prioritise Countryside Stewardship agreements to the highest significance sites (this scoring system is particularly useful for determining the priority rating of undesignated parkland sites, particularly those that include a Medieval deer park).

This is an entirely new publication and is expect to evolve in response to feedback.


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