Natural England is looking for individuals or organisations interested in developing and testing a methodology for monitoring green infrastructure.

Natural England seeks organisations to develop monitoring for GI

Natural England works with local planning authorities, developers and other partners to help put in place legal agreements to secure areas of Green Infrastructure (GI). Natural England already monitors the areas of land under agri-environment schemes but had not monitored the areas of GI. This project will develop a monitoring method based on Natural England’s existing Integrated Site Assessment and then test this method. This will allow Natural England to understand the relationship between the area secured through agreements (e.g. MoAs, section 106 agreements etc) and the quality and quantity of GI created. This work will require site visits.

Those interested in applying can learn more at Natural England’s eSourcing Portal (select the first ‘current opportunities’ option).

The organisation is also looking for local authorities that would be interested in testing the GI monitoring technology.


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