National Grid brings landscape architects to the heart of its policy making on visual impact

Carys Swanwick
National Grid appoints Carys Swanwick in LVIA role

The National Grid has appointed Carys Swanwick as the landscape architect for its project on visual impact provision. Swanwick, who was made an Honorary Fellow of the Landscape Institute last year, and who is the author of its of the third edition (2013) of the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (GLVIA3), ran the department of landscape at the University of Sheffield from 1995 to 2005.

National Grid has produced a draft policy on visual impact provision as part of its commitment to spend up to £500 million on mitigating the effect of existing electricity infrastructure on nationally protected landscapes. As part of the consultation process for its policy, it says, ‘There were widespread calls from stakeholders for the appointment of an experienced, qualified landscape architect. Stakeholders noted that a landscape architect would allow the project team to conduct the assessments using landscape appraisal methodologies, helping to maintain objectivity of the process.

‘Following on from this input, Professor Carys Swanwick has been appointed by National Grid as landscape architect for the project.’

Landscape representation will be further strengthened with the addition of Mary O’Connor to the National Grid Visual Impact Provision Stakeholder Advisory Board which will be working with Swanwick.

O’Connor was a member of the GLVIA Advisory Panel which led the revision of GLVIA3. She is an associate director at WYG, where she has been since the mid-90s, with a wealth of knowledge in LVIA and a distinguished track record in energy and infrastructure projects.


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